New in-cab technology streamlines waste and recycling collections

Tewkesbury Borough Council is pleased to announce a step forward in waste collection efficiency with the introduction of new in-cab technology in its waste collections vehicles.

This technology, known as Alloy, is set to transform waste collection operations, providing real-time solutions to common issues faced by collection crews.

Crews can now interact with a tablet mounted on the passenger side of the cab to access and upload live data during their collection rounds on issues such as inaccessible roads or contaminated bins, reducing inconvenience and uncertainty experienced by residents.

Key benefits of Alloy include:

Immediate updates: Live updates allow crews to address reports of missed bins promptly and potentially return to properties on the same day. Residents can also report a missed bin as soon as the crew have left their street.

Photo documentation: Crews can capture and instantly upload photos of inaccessible roads or contaminated bins, providing clear evidence to customers.

Awareness raising: By raising awareness of what items should be placed in recycling and general waste bins, Alloy encourages improvements to recycling habits.

Emissions reduction and cost savings: Live updates will reduce unnecessary return trips to properties that report missed collections, leading to reduced emissions and cost savings for the council.

Councillor Sarah Hands, Tewkesbury Borough Council’s Lead Member for Clean and Green Environment, said “Alloy marks a substantial improvement for our waste collection services in Tewkesbury Borough. With real-time data at their fingertips, our collection crews can now provide prompt updates on issues that have been a persistent concern to residents, such as contamination or missed bins.

“Alloy has already proved a success in other districts across Gloucestershire and is now set to streamline waste collection services throughout Tewkesbury Borough.

“This technology is a clear step toward increased efficiency and a more sustainable waste collection system – we are committed to providing the best possible service to our residents while fostering a culture of responsible waste management and sustainability.”

For more information on Waste and Recycling in Tewkesbury Borough – including information on what items should be put in recycling and general waste bins – visit Waste and recycling – Tewkesbury Borough Council